Be it an app to help the blind using smartphones, or a website reanimating history- the World Summit Awards offer a platform for those, who think beyond the box.

Since 2003, 426 Winners have been selected from over 4000 nominations, presenting a diameter of innovation from Indonesia to Argentina, from Iceland to New Zealand. Be it a tool for accurate diagnostics of wounds, a webpage to organize international meetings for you or a political think tank, the WSA Winners offer a vast specter of digital innovation.

Join the hall of fame of digital innovation with impact on society, and apply in 2018!

services | open data | democratic participation

2017 Winner-Budget-Monitor-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Government & Citizen Engagement

Budget Monitor (BM) is a unique citizen engagement web-platform of State Audit Office of Georgia (SAOG), which provides comprehensive analytical information about the public finances, designed from auditor’s perspective. BM presents key budgetary information and results of SAOG conducted audits in easy-to-interpret way using various data visualization tools, thus rises public awareness about how budget money is spent.

BM is a two-way communication platform. On the one hand,it equips citizens with sufficient information for external public scrutiny and empowers their participation in government decision making. On the other hand, platform enables them to engage constructively throughout the audit cycle. By sending audit requests and proposals, citizens are able to inform SAOG about the deficiencies in public spending. Thus,people can have profound impact on improving PFM through their participation in SAOGs audit works and following up the government responses on audit recommendations.

2017 Winner-FWCMS-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Government & Citizen Engagement

The Foreign Workers Centralized Management System (FWCMS also known as MiGRAMS) is a scalable fully online holistic system designed to assist users and stakeholders in all compliance and regulatory processes related to employing migrant workers from selection, recruitment, periodic management, monitoring, all the way to ensuring workers return safely home. The journey of R&D for FWCMS involved enormous challenges and time frame to develop the centralized solution by collaborating with over 13 countries and its laws, regulations, customs, practices and peculiarities.

With simultaneous implementation in both source and destination countries for migrant workers, FWCMS provides stakeholders – Governments, employers, migrant workers, insurance providers, medical practitioners, etc. – with an efficient, simplified, effective and reliable methodology for managing, tracking and reporting on their respective migrant workforce.

2017 Winner-CP-Cascais-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Government & Citizen Engagement

CITYPOINTS CASCAIS is a rewards program that encourages good citizenship practices, using an APP to give the opportunity to earn points and with them get products and services.

As user performs pre-defined activities in the areas of environment, citizenship, social responsibility, mobility, etc. he gets points. By accumulating points, users will have different vouchers available that can be redeemed for prizes offered by the network of local partners.

Based on gamification and the acknowledgment of citizens, the app induces participants to take an active role in transforming the community into a better place to live. With one City Point at a time, participants improve their engagement in the sustainable city.

Led by the municipality and with a low investment, the local partnership can promote common goals for the social good, while promoting its services and products.

Cascais City Points is also paving the way for a ground breaking, activity/profile based, pricing of city services.

2017 Winner-HYDCOP-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Government & Citizen Engagement

HYDCOP (Empowering front-line Police Officers) launched on 18th April-2016. Towards achieving Global Policing Standards, Hyderabad City Police launches a unique Mobile Technology Application HYDCOP.

The use of the HYDCOP is expected to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of every police officer deployed on the field. This will be a game changer for Hyderabad City Police in transforming themselves into smart cops and smart organization enhancing the citizen’s living standard and Public Safety & Security in Hyderabad City on par with any Global City.

2017 Winner-WienBot-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Government & Citizen Engagement

WienBot is the City of Vienna’s response to a fast-growing trend that primarily affects the domain of customer service. Its key purpose is to put user needs first and provide users with correct, relevant information as simply and fast as possible, customising the service to the individual user’s situation.

Chatbots like WienBot – also known as virtual assistants or virtual agents – are among the major trends of the current tech scene. By simulating human-to-human communication, they considerably simplify and speed up processes like inquiry management. Currently WienBot answers questions on the 250 most frequently accessed contents of the City of Vienna’s official website It also suggests other useful city services that could help the users in their individual situation.


medical care | sport | lifestyle

2017 Winner-Alpha-Beat-Cancer-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Health & Well Being

Alpha Beat Cancer is an educational app about cancer and treatment
, designed to serve as a learning tool for children diagnosed with the disease.
 The main goal of this project is to provide information through challenge and recreation, using the principles of information technology combined with design, usability, gamification and user experience.

The content of the app came from Beabook – the Beaba educational booklet consisting of oncologic words and terms from A to Z – compiled by patients, caregivers, physicians and health professionals. All the material was based on information architecture and design, making use of accessible language, appropriate illustrations and optimistic texts.

The app uses linear narrative, presenting and following the path of treatment: symptoms, diagnosis and the treatment itself, counting on logical support of time, space and characters. After playing each level, terms and words are unlocked, becoming accessible in a in-game glossary, which can be consulted at any time.

At the same time the user takes over the patient, they also control procedures such as biopsies, application of radiotherapy and patient care in order to encourage identification with the character and its own treatment. This way, passivity is reduced and the patient/user is encouraged to take control over the situation.

2017 Winner-Mediktor-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Health & Well Being

Mediktor is the most advanced and accurate AI based technology for triage, pre-diagnose and decision making support.

The interaction with users begin by asking them to report their symptoms or simply how they feel using their own words in an open text field. From there and considering also data like gender, age, risk factors, previous conditions and surgery, medication or vital signs MEDIKTOR uses its AI and intuition to build hypothesis on the conditions that the users may have.

From there, MEDIKTOR iterates in finding the best question to confirm or discard the different hypothesis made. Different types of questions can be asked to patients (closed questions, multi answer questions, multi option questions,…). If a question may be difficult to understand pictures are used to illustrate and facilitate comprehension. Questions can be read to users with difficulties to read.

All the conversation between user and dr. over the chat is permanently available in a written format in the user’s device.

2017 Winner-MedShr-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Health & Well Being

Developed by doctors, MedShr is the easiest & safest way for medical professionals to discover, discuss and share clinical cases and medical images. The platform allows medical professionals to connect with thousands of verified doctors, healthcare professionals and medical students to share knowledge and learning in a secure private network.

MedShr was a Rising Star at Founders’ Forum New York (October, 2015) and has been commended by our members and founders as ‘having the feel and look of a Facebook or LinkedIn’. MedShr is part of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator, has been featured on the BBC, Sky News & The Telegraph, and won Facebook Start App of the Year 2016 for Social Good. Now with over 300,000 members, MedShr recently announced exciting partnerships with the BMJ (British Medical Journal), Doctors of the World, NHS Trusts and industry partners.

Every day over a 1,000 new members join MedShr.

2017 Winner-ORGAN AS A SERVICE-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Health & Well Being

Organ-as-a-service is a unique link between biotechnology and software. This combination allows the production of physiological organ-models and aims to fight organ shortage. The team developed Computer-aided design software, which allows the user to create the file of a functional tissue model. This virtual structure could for example resemble a human organ. After creating the file the model can be produced via Bioprinting. This technology is 3D-printing with living biological material. Thus, Organ-as-a-service works as an assembly line for physiological tissues. To grant worldwide access to the software it is developed as a web-based platform. Therefore, every user who can access the web is eligible to use Organ-as-a-service. The production and distribution of the bioprinted objects is managed by the Organ-as-a-service team.
With this approach the platforms aims to give people easy access to modern biotechnology without having to buy the technology itself.

2017 Winner-PocketDefi-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Health & Well Being

Liimtec is developing PocketDefi, the smallest and most affordable public access defibrillator or AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). PocketDefi is the first AED, that provides unique user experience by being monitored and serviced through the mobile network. With PocketDefi, first aiders can react immediately in case of emergency and defibrillation becomes widely available.

To deliver this unique user experience, Pocketdefi combines an AED-Hardware with a mobile app, connecting to our back-end servers. Through this connection we can monitor the status and availability of PocketDefis and assist the owners in cases of first aid. On top PocketDefi offers a first responder system, called proximity alert, for cardiac emergencies by alerting first aiders nearby on a call for help.


knowledge | science | skills

2017 Winner-BYJUS-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Learning & Education

BYJU’S is India’s largest education company and the creator of India’s largest K12 learning app which offers highly adaptive, engaging and effective learning programs for students in classes 4-12 (K-12) and competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS, GRE and GMAT. Launched in 2015, BYJU’S has become the most loved and preferred education app for students across age groups. The BYJU’S learning app makes use of original content, rich animations, interactive simulations and engaging video lessons from India’s best teachers.

Today, BYJU’S has over 10 million downloads, 500,000 annual paid subscriptions and sees addition of 40,000 students every month. With an average time of 40 minutes being spent by a student on the app every day from 1700+ cities, the BYJU’S app is making learning enjoyable and effective. Annual renewal rates are as high as 90%.
Delivering world class learning experience, BYJU’S is making learning contextual and visual, and not just theoretical. The app has been designed to adapt to the unique learning style of everyone

2017 Winner-GNIUS CLUB-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Learning & Education

Gnius Club is the first digital innovation lab for kids in Latin America with a unique program to empower students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution. Our main mission is to breach the Digital Divide in Mexico and to transform the lives of our students for good.

The foundations of our digital program are four main subjects: Systems Thinking, Digital Citizenship, Design Thinking and 21st Century Skills. With a unique blended learning approach, we developed our own contents and learning experience, using a gamification strategy.

Our program consists of 9 levels that can be completed in only 3 years. We take kids from 8 to 14 years old with zero previous knowledge of digital innovation and give them a learning experience that allows them to use digital technologies wisely, transforming them from digital consumers to digital creators.

2017 Winner-Lab4u-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Learning & Education

At Lab4U we are democratizing science and changing the way science is taught with a Lab in your pocket. We are transforming mobile devices into scientific instruments to improve the experience of science education. Smartphones and tablets have several built-in sensors (accelerometers, magnetometers, GPS, and camera).

– Lab4Physics: uses the accelerometer, camera and the sonometor to improve the experience of a physics class, Lab4Physics includes 30 pre-designed experiments in English and Spanish targeted for high school.

– Lab4Chemistry, which is patent-pending and can be used as a colorimetric assay using the camera of a phone.

– Lab4Biology that transforms the phone in a microscope with a one-dollar lens attached to the phone’s camera.

2017 Winner-Lyfta-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Learning & Education

Lyfta is a rich media learning experience from Finland that invites pupils to have memorable, immersive experiences with real human stories from around the world. Lyfta lessons are designed in-line with Finland’s 21st Century Skill based curriculum and offer a great tool for teaching about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Lyfta invites children to become global explorers through immersive experiences and engaging human stories. Using desktops, tablets or VR headsets, students use 360 interactive stories, short documentary films, VR, AR and rich media articles to learn about the experiences of others. All media is short-form and the variety and of media used to convey information keeps the experiences interesting for children.

2017 Winner-MICROBIT-WSA Singapore (2)


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Learning & Education

The micro:bit is a pocket-sized codeable computer allowing young people to be creative with technology, whatever their level of experience. It has a 25-LED screen, two buttons, an accelerometer, compass, light sensor, temperature sensor, Bluetooth and Input/Output connectors. It is programmed with a browser or iOS/Android app using a graphical language, Python or JavaScript and has a website full of online resources helping teachers and students use the micro:bit.

It was launched in 2016 in the UK to help develop a new generation of digital pioneers – one million BBC micro:bits were delivered for free to every 11-12 year-old UK student. The Micro:bit Educational Foundation, a not-for-profit, now runs the micro:bit project to develop the micro:bit and its resources and take the micro:bit to young people around the globe, helping to make all learning and teaching easy and fun and create a generation of inventors.


climate | sustainable resources | agriculture

2017 Winner-AgroCenta-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Environment & Green Energy

AgroCenta empowers smallholder farmers through innovative technology by connecting smallholder farmers to a larger market to trade thereby eliminating exploitative buying from the value chain. AgroCentas impact is to make smallholder farmers financially independent where they get value for their commodities sold to be able to take care of their families and reinvest a portion of monies earned back into their farming activities.

At the core of AgroCentas technology are 4 solutions that bring value to the smallholder farmer. The AgroTrade platform which is an online commodities aggregation and sales platform enables smallholder farmers in remote farming communities sell directly to buyers in the urban areas.

2017 Winner-allGreenup-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Environment & Green Energy

Allgreenup is a mobile application with presence in numerous countries in Latin America and the United States, which encourages eco-friendly lifestyle with the planet. It provides a unique experience when jogging, bicycling, recycling, carpooling and reading green tips; by just recording these actions in the app, green points are earned which can be redeemed for prizes and discounts within the application.

These benefits can be either from local businesses, as a new step towards sustainability, or free benefits such as movie tickets, ski or concerts tickets, among others. It also allows donations to institutions working for the environment such as Reforestemos Patagonia.

allGreenup incentivizes citizens and employees throughout America to track and reduce CO2 footprints using an application that both educates and rewards its users.



World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Environment & Green Energy

We track and verify data on the killings of environmental and land activists globally. The data is collected through desk-based research and verification with in-country partners in some of the worlds most dangerous countries to be a land and environmental defender. We produce an annual report highlighting the key themes and drivers of killings of activists, complemented by multimedia such as short films, infographics and stills. We also collaborate with the Guardian newspaper who have a dedicated website where they use our data to track killings of activists in real time, complemented by commissioned stories and case studies related to the issue. Our web platform is the landing page for our annual report and investigations as well as our multimedia. We also have a page that links through to the Guardian microsite.

2017 Winner-M-PAYG-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Environment & Green Energy

M-PAYG has developed a combined software and hardware solution, that enables poor households in emerging markets to lease solar panels through small affordable mobile money transfers.

M-PAYG targets 3 interlinked problems:(1) poor households do not have access to the official grid. This force them use dirty fuels (2) such as lamp oil and fuelwood for lighting, which is extremely bad for indoor climate. The reason they cannot buy modern energy services is because they are unbanked (3).

The M/PAYG system provides a solution to the 3 challenges, which makes access to renewable solar energy affordable. First the system is installed in the household. To use it the household transfer 5 USD pr. month and receives back a token (code) by SMS.

The token is then entered on the M-PAYG Hub, which opens for 1 month of energy from the solar system. Next month the cycle repeats itself. After the system is paid back the customer owns it.

In this way M-PAYG makes modern energy available at affordable rates.

2017 Winner-ZUMPY-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Environment & Green Energy

Zumpy is an APP which has the objective to reduce the number of cars in the streets and improve the quality of the air in big Cities. The hitchhikers in Zumpy not involve monetary transactions, so the application is in accordance with the Brazilian traffic legislation, users both passengers and drivers, gain Zmoneys when cadastram routes asking / offering rides, assessing users and inviting friends to the platform, Zmoneys virtual currency is exchanged for incentives and discounted Zumpy partners network.

Zumpy allows people that share the same destiny to move around with safety. Users can choose to organize rides only with Facebook friends, moderated groups for university or companies, using the safety filters present in the APP.

The idea is very simple, you add your route and the app matches possible routes of other users, considering your safety settings and the compatibility of the routes.

Zumpy has a completely different philosophy from current car sharing apps, only supporting solidary sharing between individuals with compatible routes, and as such, offers no mechanism for charging, in contrast with other apps (Blablacar, Beepme, etc).


heritage | entertainment | subcultures

2017 Winner-LuaBooks-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Culture & Tourism

We make transmedia editorial products where printed books are enhanced with technological applications to create an integrated narrative.

2017 Winner-SnapCity-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Culture & Tourism

Snapcity connects visitors and locals through an online chat. When the chat is done, Visitors are invited to tip($$$) the Local according to their satisfaction.

The Visitors can save time and significantly improve their traveling experiences. The Locals can make some extra income, while sharing their knowledge and passion for the city they live in. Win-win situation!

Just ask a question! Then you can choose with which of the available locals you would like to chat. He or she will be ready to help you get the best out of this new city youre exploring.

At the end of the chat the Visitors are invited to give a Tip (€€€) according to their satisfaction.

SnapCity builds a community of people that are willing to share their knowledge and passion for the city they live in (the Locals) and of people searching for “non touristic” information provided on real time by real people (the Visitors).

That community is managed by a mutual review system, Locals rating provided by the visitors and average Tip given or received.



World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Culture & Tourism

The Museum of Yesterday mixes investigative journalism, urban exploration, and Pokémon Go, providing a playful way for participants to uncover hidden secrets of the old port of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro’s port enjoys a rich past, filled with stories Brazilians don’t learn about in school. This is the focus of Agência Pública’s mobile app, the Museum of Yesterday. The Museum of Yesterday mixes investigative journalism, urban exploration, and Pokémon Go to give participants a new vision of the area surrounding the Porto Maravilha, the old port of Rio de Janeiro, one of the landmarks of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

With our app, participants uncover Rios secret past. From the arrival of Dom João VI, the first European monarch to ever set foot on American soil, all the way to the recent corruption scandals of Operation Car Wash, the largest corruption investigation in the world. No one will see the Porto Maravilha in the same way, again!

2017 Winner-Travel-Compute-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Culture & Tourism

The TravelCompute Travel & Tourism Big Data Platform integrates data from various public & private sources, collects proprietary data, conducts social data mining and integrates with several industry stakeholders in an automated way. The platform then processes the data and renders meaningful insights based on artificial intelligence and machine learning based big data technology for the national & local tourism organizations, travel management companies, destination management companies, hoteliers, airlines and other travel related companies.

The real time statistics and insights help organizations in informed decision making, proactive planning and taking proactive actions. The platform aggregates & maintains the following: Global Country Profiles, Travel Industry Reports, Destination Analytics, Tourist reports, Top Destination & Attractions Insights, Social Media Tracking, Real Time Twitter Data Mining and Historical Analytics, Global News & Events Tracking, Airfare predictions and Historical Data Mining and more…

2017 Winner-The-Next-Rembrandt-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Culture & Tourism

347 years after his death, one of the greatest Masters of all time is brought back to life to create one more masterpiece. But this time, data is the painter and technology the brush: The Next Rembrandt.

The Next Rembrandt is a 3D printed painting made out of Rembrandt-data. All of his 346 paintings were analysed using hi-res 3D scans and digital files upscaled by a deep learning algorithm.

Facial recognition and machine software was designed to understand Rembrandt’s style and use those learnings to generate new facial features, which were assembled based on his use of geometric proportions.

Finally, a height map was created to mimic Rembrandt’s brushstrokes. The file was brought to life through an advanced 3D printer that printed 13 layers of paint based UV-ink.

The Next Rembrandt was unveiled and exhibited in Amsterdam on the 5th of April. Raising provocative questions for the world to consider…


mobility | productive work | sustainable living

2017 Winner-chargeNET-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Smart Settlements & Urbanization

Sri Lanka’s first smart Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solution, powered by IoT technology, fully automated, seamlessly networked operation. Level 2 to fast charging solutions, scalable load balancing mechanisms to facilitate green buildings, with smart access to data at all levels of the operation, across all users. chargeNET is an end-to-end platform with unique business models to support positive economic, social and environmental links. chargeNET mobile app and cloud based web application, enables smart monitoring, payments and station management, with access to over 50 chargers island-wide.

Designed and manufactured according to J1772 and CHAdeMO standards and is a 100% local solution for B2C and B2B. With over 2000 users, chargeNETs focus is to expand its services, offer futuristic regional and trans-border infrastructure that is safe, inclusive and accessible to the public for EV/ PHEV charging and green economy.

2017 Winner-Directive-Communications-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Smart Settlements & Urbanization

DCS is the first and only technology based solution that streamlines digital asset and online account directives management. Technology has made lives easier, however, for estate professionals, its added new and significant challenges. The average person has over 130 accounts including financial, social media, email, cloud based storage, ecommerce, crytocurrency and many more! Its easy for digital property and information to be hidden, lost or forgotten. Personal Representatives must identify and evaluate accounts for assets needing to be passed on to heirs. Legal professionals face a large and intricate maze of privacy policies, account holder agreements and governmental statutes. DCS facilitates the process for ALL stakeholders with a platform that captures individuals accounts and directives. When called upon, DCS communicates final wishes to site owners, complying with site owner Terms of Service Agreements and existing laws. DCS also provides site owners a service to manage their proprietary page.

2017 Winner-kappo-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Smart Settlements & Urbanization

Kappo Bike is a platform that helps cities to increase the urban bicycle usage worldwide through gamification and safety navigation for citizens, wellness & CSR for companies and giving cyclists insight and predictive analytics for governments, enabling better planning and higher return on urban infrastructure investments.

Understanding that every city in the world has 3 main actors -Citizens, Government, and Institutions- Kappo has created tools for each one, which aligns and amplifies the efforts that they are already making to encourage the bicycle usage, ensuring that any city that implements the entire platform can transform itself into a bike-friendly city within 5 years.

For Citizens; Urban cyclists have very different motivations than sports cyclists. Kappo helps them to build the habit of using a bicycle more often as transportation, through a smartphone app, that combines the strategies of successful social games, such as “Candy Crush” or “Pokemon Go”, with GPS tracking technology.

2017 Winner-Power-Arena-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Smart Settlements & Urbanization

PowerArena is an integrated crowd management mobile platform that enables timely collection, analysis and dissemination of people flow and wait times information, as well as guest mix and attendance information, using IoT, mobile, AI and Big Data technologies.

PowerArena collects data by a self-developed combination of smart sensors with high mobility and flexibility (PowerArena Bot), or through the webcam video feed by using the deep learning powered video analytics platform (PowerArena Sense). The data empowers operators to make calculated decisions to enhance operational efficiency, through proactive management of people flow, and identification of opportunities to improve the flexibility of manpower management (PowerArena Manage). In addition to precisely managing crowd distribution, the location-based information and guest foot traffic maps allow offering of an engaging experience by providing relevant, time-and-location specific information, tips and promotions on a mobile platform.

2017 Winner-Truckit-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Smart Settlements & Urbanization

Utruckit is an app that links cargo owners to trucks drivers and other vehicles that will help them convey their goods from pickup point to drop-off points.

Truckit is a technology company whose main objective is to enable cargo owners convey their cargo the way they want it from the comfort of their homes just by using the Utruckit app. We seek to bridge the logistics gap occasioned by a largely unorganised haulage industry and cargo owners who want a stress-free, seamless, affordable and secure transportation of their goods.

Utruckit can be downloaded from Google playstore and appstore. It has the driver app (which is for vehicle drivers) and the client app which is for the cargo owners. When a client requests a vehicle type, and puts in a pickup location, the closest driver with the type of vehicle the client requested accepts the request, either of them calls the other to establish communication, the driver arrives pickup location, picks up the goods and takes them to drop off location, ends the trip and the client is debited and the driver gets paid.


innovative services | security | finance | marketing

2017 Winner-BeeAndMe-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Business & Commerce aims to help beekeepers overcome the traditional challenges of beekeeping, by providing beekeepers with technological assistance.Our smart monitoring system for beehives consists of a microprocessor unit for measuring all significant parameters: local humidity, temperature, collected amount of honey, bees health through sound. We are collecting data on our cloud and we are analyzing it. Thanks to our data analytics, beekeepers can be alarmed on time if something is happening with their bees (i.e. swarming).We want to understand bees by using data mining and machine learning algorithms on collected data. With this, we can help increase number of bees, one of the endangered species.

During this year we are running pilot on more than a 50 locations. Our goal for this year is to collect data for data mining algorithms and collect feedback from our beekeepers.

2017 Winner-Billion-Group-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Business & Commerce

Billon disrupts technological fundaments behind money and the way it is stored and moved between people and organizations. We have created a revolutionary payments system tapping on distributed ledger technology to send money instantly and directly between people. Our technology supports all national currencies, complies with financial regulations and eliminates barriers of time and distance. It is a technology that cares for people’s needs in the digital age.

2017 Winner-Broota-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Business & Commerce

Broota was founded in 2013 as Chiles first investment crowdfunding platform and one of the first in Latin America.

To date, 25 startups have accessed the countrys largest micro-investment network with more than 1,100 investors who have traded close to $ 6 million dollars. From a local brewery in northern Chile, an online payment platform, a disposable wooden cutlery factory, a healthy snack, among others, are some of the enterprises that have agreed to finance to develop their businesses.

Our platform is open for projects based in Chile, but soon we will begin to operate in Colombia, another of the most important poles of Latin American development.

2017 Winner-Qisimah-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Business & Commerce

Qisimah is a radio content monitoring platform that provides key stakeholders in both the music and advertising industries with real-time data in regards to the performance of their content on radio. This super innovative solution has the potential to truly make a real difference in the lives of musicians, as it becomes the foundation for music mechanical rights monitoring and collection across the continent. Qisimah uses breakthrough technology to analyse and generate acoustic fingerprints in order to track customer specific content on multiple radio stations.

Since radio is big data with big possibilities according to the Qisimah team, the platform will equip musicians, advertisers and right societies with the power of big data in order to help them make better informed decisions. Radio is extremely popular in Africa. The platform introduces a positive disruption in existing business models of legacy industries like radio and music. For example, it allows you to know who is playing your music as well as where it is being played.

This means that apart from more accurate information for revenue collection related to digital rights, advertisers can also target locations by using location specific popularity data generated by the platform for specific artists on their campaigns. In addition to its use for more traditional rights, this app also has the potential to promote the use of Creative Commons licensing since even when the content is freely shared, the data generated by the platform can be used to support new revenue streams within various organisations and industries.

2017 Winner-Retresco-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Business & Commerce

The Topic Management System (TMS) is powered by NLU, a technology that deals with machine reading comprehension. It helps content publishers increase the value and accessibility of their content. It facilitates a loyal and returning audience base, and aids the process of acquiring new audiences through increased search engine visibility.

In 2012 Retresco extended into NLG, a technology that extracts structured data from complex sources to produce naturally worded prose. Over the past years we saw that customers had many common needs. This gave us the inspiration to built the rtr textengine, a web-based, self-service NLG platform for non-developers. It is currently in beta and available in German only. An English release anticipated in Q1 2018.

We provide a user-friendly interface for beta testers to build and produce content templates to generate automated text. These can be easily shared with colleagues and customers, helping organisations optimise operations and empower employees.


diversity | gender | justice | human rights

2017 Winner-Advicenote-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Inclusion & Empowerment

Advicenode is a platform for creating and running a type of virtual assistants known as “web-assistants”. Web-assistants are online virtual assistants that can process user data to suggest an advice or to solve a problem. Web-assistants empower people around the world by providing them an access to different people’s experiences on a 24/7 basis. Furthermore, they can be used in different sectors like education, medical care, manufacturing, and much more. Finally, web-assistants can save their users’ efforts, time, and money. In some cases, it can save people’s lives.

On the other side, anyone having an experience can build a web-assistant. Building web-assistants neither requires technical skills nor needs any long training. People and organizations can build web-assistants to help others in solving their problems or advising them. They can make their web-assistants free-to-use or pay-to-use. Therefore, web-assistants are mutually beneficial to their authors and their users.

2017 Winner-be-My-Eyes-WSA Singapore

Be My Eyes

World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Inclusion & Empowerment

Be My Eyes is a FREE mobile app designed to bring sight to the blind and visually impaired. With the press of a button, the app establishes a live video connection between blind and visually impaired users and sighted volunteers. Every day, volunteers are lending their eyes to solve challenges both big and small in the lives of the blind and visually impaired. With over half a million users across 150 countries, Be My Eyes has grown to become the largest online community for the blind and visually impaired. The app harnesses the power of generosity, technology and human connection to help blind and visually impaired individuals lead more independent lives.

2017 Winner-Laboratoria-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Inclusion & Empowerment

The Laboratoria job-placement platform is a website where tech companies or the IT areas of traditional corporations can find the female tech talent they need. A huge challenge for the private sector worldwide is the shortage of tech talent, with an additional scarcity of women. On the other hand we have millions of women in Latam unemployed, working in informality or at low-paying jobs due to lack of opportunities. Laboratoria connects these issues by training low-income women in front-end web development and links them with companies that need their talent through our job-placement platform. This web, accompanied by in-person job placement activities not only provides the over-demanded female tech talent, but also also reduces the time and resources companies spend in recruiting for talent from 90 to 15 days approximately, becoming a tool that generates double impact to the tech industry and a life-changing opportunity to our students.



World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Inclusion & Empowerment

Inclusion starts with understanding what the other really means! We can provide that. It is scientifically proven!

By analyzing speech we provide the basis for Inclusion since speech is the expression and manifestation of thoughts and therefore the basis of interpersonal understanding. Understanding is achieved through content (what you are saying) and communicational effect (style and how it is perceived).

The technology PRECIRE® analyses speech and creates a valid picture of communication, its perception and the people using it. Founded in 2012, the companies’ technology is based on years of research in the fields of psychology, linguistics and data science. The combination of these three disciplines creates the USP of PRECIRE®. The technology empowers people to use their communication for intelligent, individualised and efficient interaction. It enables better understanding and helps people to develop themselves to reach self-set communication goals, express themselves appropriately or to act as a successful leader.

2017 Winner-Mouse4All-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: Inclusion & Empowerment

The​ ​world​ ​is​ ​becoming​ ​mobile.​ ​However,​ ​we​ ​have left​ ​behind​ ​millions​ ​of​ ​people​ ​who​ ​cannot​ ​use​ ​a​ ​touch​ ​screen.​ People with severe physical disabilities resulting from Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or neuromuscular diseases.

We have created Mouse4all​ to enable ​everyone​ ​to​ ​access​ ​an​ ​Android tablet​ ​or​ ​smartphone​ with alternative input interfaces: switches, adapted mouse, trackball or joystick. Our solution makes accessible any Android device and all its installed apps through our own app available in Google Play and a plug-and-play hardware connection box.

Mouse4all boosts the autonomy​ of persons with severe physical disabilities. It improves their self-esteem​ while empowering them to make their own decisions and participate in the society. Our users can access​ ​internet and stay​ ​connected​ with friends & family through messaging and social networks, everywhere anytime.

The WSA Young Innovators is a special call within the framework of WSA, that promotes and awards young social entrepreneurs. The WSA Young Innovators is a special recognition for young people under 30 years of age, using ICTs to take action on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Together with the WSA winners of each year, they are honored as outstanding digital innovation with social impact.

The WSA Young Innovators Award is an open call. The participation in the WSA Young Innovators is open to any entrepreneur, company, student group or project team – at least one of the founding members and the majority of the team must be under the age of 30 (born on or after January 1, 1988).

Please read the Rules and Conditions section carefully before applying. By submission of a project, producers accept the Rules and Conditions of the WSA contest!

2017 Winner-ERASE ALL KITTENS-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: WSA Young Innovators

Erase All Kittens is a web-based platform game. Other code education tools aren’t designed to appeal to girls, and they also don’t teach real-world coding languages – only the concepts of coding (e.g. computational thinking). E.A.K. is disruptive as it will be incredibly engaging to girls – we immersed ourselves in the culture of our target audience to invent a gamified, story-driven approach to teach new skills. E.A.K. is also unique because as players progress, they can edit the code that governs the game environment, i.e. learning by building and fixing levels as they play.

The way the game works is when the player starts playing the game a note pad like editing window opens up on the left hand side of the game screen, this note pad gives instructions on how to write code, for example if the kitten has to go to go from one side of the hill to the other and the only way they can pass is by building a bridge, the player then has to write basic html code that builds a bridge which then helps the kitten cross across the hill. This also helps them develop creative writing skills, as they need to write sentences in the code, thus turning them into story tellers. The editor prompts the player with hints and examples on how to write the code which as they progress further makes them develop their skills without needing any prompts as to how to write the code.

As and when players cross levels and pass obstacles, they can only level up by writing code as opposed to pressing up and down arrows which is usually the case with most video games.

2017 Winner-GiftedMom-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: WSA Young Innovators

The problem of maternal and infant deaths remain alarming especially in Africa. This is mainly due to lack of information and adequate channels to reach out to those at last mile. Consequently, lots of people have myths rather than truths about health and many times forget to go to the health facility for their appointments or delay to arrive. GiftedMom is a social enterprise that helps to bridge this gap by using digital technologies to improve maternal and infant health care access. Its innovative platform is a modern digital infrastructure for the distribution of health services. The GiftedMom SMS and voice messaging platform carries out the following:

– sends notification reminders to pregnant women and nursing mothers reminding them of the date of their next hospital appointments.

– sends life-saving educative health content to users regarding pregnancy, antenatal care, labour, delivery, postnatal care, vaccination and family planning.

– provides a two-way communication channel between users and health professionals to reduce cases of deaths due to complications not taken are of in time.

Users register either via their health facility, remotely via a USSD code or via web. What makes this platform unique is its connectivity to mobile network operators giving it access to a huge market and database of potential users.

2017 Winner-OneLamp-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: WSA Young Innovators

OneLamp is powered 100% by USSD technology enabling millions of offgrid African households order solar home systems using their cell phones, pay with mobile money and enjoy door to door delivery using an existing transport infrastructure and a direct village retailer sales network.

OneLamp leverages Africa’s rapid mobile revolution, partnerships with local retailers and an existing transport infrastructure to solve energy poverty. By deploying the best of mobile payments and technology-enabled rural lastmile distribution OneLamp also enables low income offgrid households acquire solar power systems on a “pay-per-use” basis, with small, incremental payments made weekly by mobile phone. USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) technology allows OneLamp to aggregate demand for solar systems, enable micro mobile payments, quality customer aftersales service and impact assessment.



World Summit Award 2017 Winner: WSA Young Innovators

oPerception is an intelligent mobile application that allows the visually-impaired people to find their personal belongings by scanning the surroundings in real-time using our own object detection algorithm thats developed after one year of continuous research and development so that all the processing is done locally without internet connection. Besides, it contains pre-trained models for common use-cases like classifying vegetables, fruits, blind stick and so on. Moreover the app is capable to identify the people, who are added previously by the user. Furthermore, if the user is searching for the mobile itself, the app will notify him/her about its location. Mainly the app support both voice-based interface and touch-based interface that’s adapted for the visually impaired people.

In addition, to a smart magnifier with multiple contrast. And currency recognition in real-time with high accuracy even in bad illumination.

2017 Winner-SCARLETRED®VISION-WSA Singapore


World Summit Award 2017 Winner: WSA Young Innovators

Scarletred®Vision is the first objective dermatologic image analysis platform, which runs mobile on smartphone and tablet technology and so everywhere in everybody’s pocket. It is the first multi component medical device system enabling objective visual assessment and analysis of dermatologic disease or skin drug effect independent of the user`s location. At the moment neither any medical device is known basing on a comparable technology nor harbours such advanced clinical development state and broad application scope. Due to its platform architecture it can be easily scaled up from local singe centric to global multi centric application.

The four main components of the Scarletred®Vision product:

(1) Scarletred®Mobile App: The mobile App is supplied on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and available free for download within the App store. It can be installed on an infinite number of devices and used for private, medical routine or clinical trial purpose. The App allows taking calibrated skin images and tagging of such images with a QR/Bar code when used in combination with the companion products 2 and 3.

(2) Scarletred®Skin patch: The patch is a novel gold standard for skin imaging and is detected automatically by the Scarletred®Vision mobile App. Co-imaging of the skin patch normalizes the generated images for differing light conditions and increases the quality of gained raw data significantly. It can be ordered online and is also planned being distributed OTC in pharmacy and cosmetics stores.

3) Scarletred®QR code: Subject QR code tagging enables fully automated data management and big-data application in clinical trial and routine. The encrypted codes can be generated within the Scarletred®Online platform and are supplied directly to the client. They assure highest data safety standards in clinical trials and allow reducing data management cost in clinical routine by more than 90%.

(4) Scarletred®Online platform: The online platform is the powerful core component of the system. It can be accessed by secured login via browser on any computer/smartphone/tablet. Clinically validated skin analysis algorithms are therein provided, enabling to measure e.g. changes in the skin erythema/pigmentation or in the size or shape of a mole or a healing wound over time.